Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm starting a new project tomorrow...

And by a new project I mean that I am building an old project but in a bigger size.  I am making another Ice Chest/Cooler box but this time with a full-size ice chest with a drain.  You can see the original prototype build here:

I found a good size ice chest on sale at Target the other day and plan on making this new cooler box for my Father's for his birthday.  This one will be bigger than the old one, have handles on the sides, a drain spigot, a bottom shelf, and a bottle opener mounted to the front.  I also plan on sanding and staining this one.

It's a little bigger than I had planned on using but you can't beat it for $22.09

I had a devil of a time finding one without wheels that had a drain plug.

The handle hardware should come right off using those screws

Same for the rear hinges

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking for my next project

I just got the good news that my brother's wife is pregnant and they are expecting at the beginning of January.  I've been looking for a good time to make a rocking chair cradle and this looks like it.  It's going to be a big project but I don't plan on starting it for a couple of months.  In the mean time I would like to start working on something but I have no ideas right now.  I've thought about making a bread box but I have no space to put one in.  My wife wants some shelves in the playroom but that is going to be an expensive project and I'm not sure that I want to put the money into it right now.

What projects is everybody working on right now?  Please post them down in the comment section.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Lego Travel case is done!

I finished the Lego case on Friday morning and we gave it to my son on Saturday afternoon at his birthday party.  He likes it very much.  As always, I learned a lot from this project and I look forward to my next one.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have a question about proper terminology

I made a little vinyl logo for my son's lego case saying "handcrafted by Donald LeBlanc".  I posted a video on Keek about it and another user brought up a good question.  I used power tools to make the case and a vinyl cutting machine for the lettering.  Is it really considered hand crafted?  If that is not the proper term then what is?  I am leaning towards "custom made".

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick update on the Lego travel case

I was gone most of last week on vacation so I didn't get to work on the case much but I got a lot done the last couple of days.  I stopped by Rockler and picked up 2 hinges, 2 clasps, and a handle for it.  I go them all in bronze because that was the only color that I could find all the pieces in.  I would have preferred the aged nickel but oh well.  The outside of the case has 3 coats of Danish oil and now 2 coats of Polyurethane.  The inside tray has 2 coats of Danish oil that needs 1 more day of drying time.  It will then get 2 coats of poly as well.  I trimmed the Lego plates down to fit the inside of the case and have some self adhesive sheets of felt for the insides of the case and the bottom of the tray.  Everything should be ready for my son's party on Saturday.  If all goes according to plan I should have a video out on Monday for the project.