Saturday, April 11, 2015

Building a quick and easy kid chair out of scraps left over from past projects.

So I've had these 2 sides to the first try at a park bench with a reclined seat that I made a few months ago (link here).  They have been sitting by the door to my shop and just generally getting in my way.

I had a bunch of off cut 2x6's leftover from making the legs for the bunk bed so I figured that I would add them to the sides and make a small chair.

I took four of the pieces and cut them down to 17 inches.

It's always good to have help.

I like to mark the ends of the boards so that I know where to pre-drill.

I put scrap pieces of 1 1/2" thick stock as spacers.

Here it is with the back slats attached.

Here are the seat slats marked and pre-drilled

I squared it up and put in 2 screws diagonally across from each to lock in the position.

More scrap as spacers.

Here is the finished chair.  It's a little low to the ground and the back should be reclined more but it will work fine as a kid's chair.  I can fit in it but just barely....

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