Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's in the box?

I currently have the 1/4" blade on my band saw that came with it when I bought it.  I have been meaning forever to buy a better one for re-sawing.  I had followed a link to Woodcraft the other day so I did a search for 70 1/2" blades and this is what I found.

From everything that I have read and heard you want a lower tooth count for re-sawing so the 1/2" blade looked perfect!  I went ahead an picked up the 1/8" blade too while I was there.  They showed up tonight so I plan on giving them a test this weekend on my Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10" Band Saw (21400).  I'll write another article when I get the chance to test them out.  In the mean time here is a quick look at them.

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